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GAS IT is Europe's Premier Brand of Self Refillable LPG Gas Systems to the Motorhome, Campervan, and Caravans

If you are looking to invest in a refillable gas system for your caravan or Motorhome look no further than a GAS It system. 

Refillable gas cylinders are becoming a popular option in the Caravan and Motorhome world, they simply replace standard bottles but instead of exchanging cylinders each time they are empty, refillable systems allow the customer to simply pull into any fuel station selling Auto gas and simply top up your bottles.

Refillable Caravan and Motorhome cylinders are more convenient over standard cylinders and are popular with European travellers. This is due to not longer having to remove cylinders from lockers (filled from a handy fill point attached to the caravan or motorhome); the problems of finding the right type or brand of gas cylinder; the worry of "how much gas do we think we have left" simply top up at the fuel station; wide spread availability of auto gas in the UK and Europe. 

Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying  gas bottles and pay considerable more for the gas? And why experience the European travel nightmare where you run out of gas and cannot exchange your empty cylinder for a full one due to different cylinder configurations?


The simple answer is to go refillable with the GAS IT refillable gas system. 

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