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Caravanalia North Wales offer Caravan Motor movers from Powrtouch


Powrtouch Limited continues to go from strength to strength and is the UK's number one manufacturer and supplier of remote controlled caravan mover systems. We supply and supply and fit Powrtouch movers more than any other Caravan mover and in recent years we have found more and more customers realise the value for money, quality of service, quality of build, ease of use and peace of mind of the Powrtouch products provide, especially when supported by their unique Nationwide 'Five-Year' no quibble parts and labour guarantee.

The Powrtouch Evolution is a next generation caravan mover that has been designed and developed in the UK. Following its release in January 2012 the first year sales have far outweighed expectations making it the most sought after and popular Caravan Mover in the UK. The all new system makes extensive use of lightweight alloy materials and an ultra efficient gearbox, this combined with a new state of the art 'four-pole' electric drive motor giving it significantly increased power to the drive rollers, making it the lightest and most powerful caravan mover available. The innovative dynamic roller location mechanism moves the rollers smoothly and directly on to the tyres, improving grip and driving power by eliminating roller slippage. This innovative new movement design also significantly improves the performance and reliability of automatic operation (Powractuation) of the drive rollers to the tyres.

Have a look at Powrwheels You tube video below.